How to Delay Foreclosure in Lincoln, NY

My advocacy is based on protecting clients facing federal bank, mortgage, and appraisal fraud charges. I have been working in different cities in New York, Texas and California during my law practice.

I’ve seen a lot of interesting cases and was attentive to each of them because I treat my work as a vocation, I fulfill my duties honestly, conscientiously and in a timely manner, protecting the rights, freedoms and interests of the Principal by all means not prohibited by law. 17 years of experience has proven my professionalism by various successful cases in various categories of litigation.

I provide my clients with legal support in arbitration courts and courts of general jurisdiction. I have rendered considerable assistance to many of my clients in economic criminal cases.

I have always tried not to be confined to any one category of cases. And this concept has proven to be correct in practice. Many of my clients come with difficult complex problems. I had to conduct business, in the production process in which the vector of work changed dramatically.

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