How to Delay Foreclosure in Lincoln, NY


If you presently have a house and are trying to decrease your payment, then take out cash to pay off debt, do home improvement, or to eliminate mortgage insurance.


If you’re seeking to buy a house or condo/townhome to call home, or you own a house and would like to buy an extra home to holiday at, rent or reverse (fix up and market ).

VA Loan

If you’re in the army, are former military or reserve, then a VA loan lets you buy or refinance with as much as 100 percent of the value of this property without a deposit and no mortgage insurance.

FHA Loan

Generally considered as a first-time buyer loan, which it isn’t, this loan is for all individuals who require a low down payment of 3-5 percent, and may have credit problems a traditional loan will not permit and can return into a poor credit rating of 500. FHA loans have mortgage insurance monthly and also an upfront mortgage insurance premium that’s financed.

Conventional Loan

This loan is the most typical credit type also contains limitations on how big your loan could be. There’s a conforming loan amount, which is based upon the County you reside in and a high balance limitation, also according to your county. You can put down as little as 3 percent (based on several variables ), 5 percent, or more. Anything less than a 20 percent deposit will probably get mortgage insurance. There’s a minimum credit score of 620 for such loans. For up-to-date info about loan limitations, see

Reverse Mortgage

For mortgagor over age 62, this loan may be used to purchase a new house or refinance a current home. Such loans don’t have any monthly mortgage repayment and the interest due on the loan is added monthly on the loan balance. The equity is yours however when the mortgage exceeds the value of the house, you’re not liable to pay this back.

First-time buyer programs

The first time purchaser is an individual which hasn’t possessed any house in the previous 3 years. These programs are supposed to assist with down payment support for borrowers that satisfy particular criteria of credit rating, income limitations, and debt to income ratio. A number of those programs fall under the CALFHA application ( and may be either an FHA loan or even a Traditional loan.


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